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  1. software

    Cross platform desktop software development.

  2. game development

    Independent game development.

  3. shows

    Multimedia exhibits and interactive installations.

  4. apps

    Native and hybrid iOS and Android App development.

  5. web

    custom LAMP, web apps, RESTLESS APIs.

Software, Games, Shows, Apps, Web


Freejam games LTD
Unity C# programmer

Laboratorio Auxologico SrL
Unity developer

Packt LTD
Reviewer, Technical Writer

Scuola Internazionale di Comics
Unity Game Development course teacher

Clever SrL
Team Leader, Full Stack engineer

Studio Azzurro SrL
programming, interactive installations

Virtual Identity SrL
C/C++ Audio Programmer

XHTML/ C# development

Idigicon LTD
Budget-game development

Digital Bros SpA
GameOnLine webmaster, ASP/Javascript


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Game Development

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Are you ready to embrace the challenge of becoming a game developer ?
Learn Unity basics making a simple 2D game and master it by developing a fully-fledged 3D adventure game.
Discover how to make a realistic environment and to implement gameplay and fx based on physics: ragdoll, particles deflection, hit box collisions.
Optimize your game with automated and scripted techniques: occlusion culling, layer culling, dynamic LOD, dynamic resolution, mixed lighting.

Test and profile your game and be ready to share your work to the world!

Packt publishing entry: Unity 2017 Game Development Essentials

Available downloads:

Devil Island


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