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    Cross platform software development

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    Independent game development

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    Multimedia exhibits and shows installations.

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    CMS, Webware, Webapps, RESTLESS APIs, SQL, MONGO

Webware, Software, Games, Music


Clever SrL
SA, DBA, Full Stack engineer

Laboratorio Auxologico SrL
Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Lab - Unity3D development

Packt LTD
Reviewer, Writer it book authoring

Scuola Internazionale di Comics
Teacher for the Unity3D / C# programming course

Inner Void Interactive LTD
Lead programmer Unity3D developer

Five Fingers Games
Independent Game Developer

Breakdown Studios
Independent Game Developer - iOS / Android

Aurora Meccanica produzioni
DirectX and network programming

E-tica SrL
System and software engineering for live broadcast, interactive installations, exhibits
Studio Azzurro SrL
programming, interactive installations

Virtual Identity SrL
C/C++ Audio Programmer PC/PS2 game development

Tips informatica SrL
SA, DBA, Full Stack engineer

XHTML/ C# development of Transfluid website

Idigicon LTD
Budget-game development for Windows PC: Dragan's Quest

MetaMedia SrL
Advert-game development

E-Tree SpA
intranet, CMS, ASP development

Halifax SpA webmaster, ASP/HTML/Javascript web developer

Eikom SrL
Full stack engineer. Html/Javascript ASP 2.0


Selection of videos from my software/game development and teaching works

Simple Code Sample

(basically I am temporary testing the widget)
using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; public class GameController : MonoBehaviour { public int NumberOfWaves; public int NumberOfZombears; private int DifficultyThreshold = 3; private int ZombearsLeft; private int WavesLeft; private bool LevelWon; public Transform theplayer; public Text wavedebug; public GameObject[] ZombiePool; public Transform[] SpawnPoints; // Use this for initialization void Start () { ZombiesLeft = NumberOfZombies; WavesLeft = NumberOfWaves; } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { int activeZombies = 0; foreach (GameObject zombie in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Zombie")) { ++activeZombies; } if (activeZombies < DifficultyThreshold) { if(WavesLeft>0 && ZombiesLeft>0) SpawnZombie(); } } void SpawnZombie() { int nz = Random.Range(0, ZombiePool.Length); int ns = Random.Range(0, SpawnPoints.Length); --ZombiesLeft; if (ZombiesLeft == 0) { --WavesLeft; if (WavesLeft > 0) ZombiesLeft = NumberOfZombies; else LevelWon = true; } wavedebug.text = "Wave:" + ((NumberOfWaves-WavesLeft)+1) + "/" + NumberOfWaves + " zombies:" + ZombiesLeft; GameObject newZombie = Instantiate(ZombiePool[nz], SpawnPoints[ns].position, SpawnPoints[ns].rotation) as GameObject; } }



Curriculum Vitae in PDF format

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Zaharia prototype

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